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11 Month Old Full Suit Lilac Tri - $3,000 Pet Price

📣📣It's not often we do this but TRUST US, this guy is a DREAM BABY and needs a new home! **READ FULLY, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY **
Kingston is nothing short of AMAZING 🤩 and on top of that he's a full suite lilac tri!! He's owned by our great friends and he's mine in my heart ♥️ To no fault of his own he's being rehomed, but it MUST be the perfect family! He's still very much a baby... mentally 😆, physically he's a whole ham, more like a whole hog 🐷Super passive with other males and females, adores puppies, loves his toys and shares, potty trained! Literally since forever! He's a bit of a human mamas boy and loves cooked carrots 🥕 
FULL DISCLOSURE/FINE PRINT (because we don't do it any other way 🤙🏼): He will be sold as PET ONLY! For 💲3,000.00  (he was purchased originally for $7k) That means no breeding this handsome man. He must be fixed and will come with a contract stating proof will be required. Kingston has a prolapsed urethra that comes and goes, PLEASE research that before you panic! It's extremely common in male English bulldogs! It doesn't affect quality of life or longevity! He's seen two different vets for it and both have said he needs fixed!! **THIS IS NOT WHY HES BEING REHOMED!!** There's a good chance your dogs have had it and you just thought his red rocket liked being out 🤣
This happy, healthy, funny, loving baby will make your heart and family sooo happy ♥️ MESSAGE US 😘😘

English Bulldogs Available: Welcome
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